Photography Trips: Are they really holidays?


When you pick up photography in more than a quick picture on your phone kinda way, you begin to realise that at some point, you’re holidays quickly turn into photo trips, and they aren’t always as relaxing as they appear. It even gets to the point where you need a holiday after your photography trip, and that one never turns out to be relaxing either!

Start for example with the amount of planning that goes into a trip in the weeks and even months running up to it. Exploring every inch of the internet to find all the amazing places you want to see when you’re there; marking them out on your huge map ( in case you haven’t figured it out yet, don’t rely on maps on your phone: they are too unreliable. Always, always, always get a map!); etc. 

And of course, it doesn’t get any easier when you get there!  

Photography trips often involve lots and lots of rushing around from place to place. If you’re doing it right, you’ll be up before sunrise to get the day’s first rays of sunlight in your photos and you’ll then be up long past sunset. We all know that with photography, the fact the sunlight is gone doesn’t mean it’s the end of the day! It’s long-exposure time!

If your lucky, this all takes place in a nice warm country. But when it happens during winter in Iceland, with temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius and blazing winds, it’s safe to say that what is supposed to be a holiday really takes it out of you!

But let’s be honest: if you aren’t absolutely wrecked by the end of it, you’re doing it wrong!  

But hey! If you love photography as much as I do, you’ll understand why it’s all worth it and we always keep coming back for more!